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Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Although named for a yellow rump…

This perky warbler also wears bright yellow on its crown, throat, and side patches.

A flock of these full- bodied warblers brightened the limbs of an Oregon Ash tree with flashes of yellow as they foraged for a late afternoon meal. This species is primarily a connoisseur of insects. Caterpillars, leaf beetles, bark beetles, and ants are some of the favorites.img_2700.jpg

In addition to gleaning from leaves, Yellow-rumped Warblers often flit out from their perches in short loops to snatch flying insects.

A group of warblers has many collective nouns: bouquet, confusion, fall, and wrench of warblers.

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  1. That one is a bit humorous… looks like he fell right off the branch. However, no birds harmed in this post… bird flew away safely!!

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