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Windows | Framed for Discovery

Windows | Framed for Discovery

Gaze through these windows.

   Can you find their locations aboard the Catalyst?

My husband and I experienced the exhilaration of discovery when we sailed on this beautiful, antique wooden vessel.  Her windows framed our adventures in learning and interacting with the natural history of the San Juan Islands located in the Washington waters of the Puget Sound.

Weekly Photo Challenge: September 27 ,2017 |“Windows”

4 comments on “Windows | Framed for Discovery”

  1. Jane, that must have been so much fun!! I like the B&W, but I’m glad you went with color for that last, delightful shot. Are you actually caught up with Photo Challenges now? 🙂


  2. Maggie, it was a unique experience… it began by being lured by one of those little ads at the back of a National Geographic! The photo of the ship had an alluring appeal at the time.

  3. Thank you, Janet. No, I still have about 20 more. Some of them are tricky this year…

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