What’s best for Oregon trees?

Part One of Five –

I recently discovered an OPB website that appears to be an informative “go-to” website for reports that focus on environmental and ecological current events called earthfix.opb.org .

Tree Sitters Don’t Buy Logging Designed To Mimic Nature” inspired me to investigate points of view about forest management practices in Oregon. To the right of my laptop screen, a notebook for coursework I am taking through Oregon State University’s Master Naturalist Program is flopped open to a section about The Northwest Forest Plan (1994). To the left of my laptop screen, my iPad library displays a PDF for a senate bill introduced by Senator Ron Wyden that proposes new guidelines for the management of forest lands in western Oregon… The Oregon and California Land Grant Act of 2013. In between the two documents,  website tabs are open that share points of view from many of the State’s stakeholders: environmentalists, hunters, loggers, Republican Party, Democratic Party, local media stations, attorney opinions, local businesses, and others.

One thing is true… this is a complex tug-of-war… with the economy on one side, social interests and ecology on the other. Informed, fact-driven, objective decision-making is difficult at best.  The role I am training to take as an Oregon Master Naturalist provides motivation to explore perspectives  on all sides.

First step? I need to do some research to become more “Forest Literate.” I realize that understanding the stages of forest succession and the roles each plays in maintaining healthy forest eco-sytstems is key to forming a solid opinion. Although parts of the Wyden bill seem responsive to current economic, social, and ecological needs… I am skeptical. Learning about forest dynamics will help me to better view forest management practices and proposals for changes.

The following posts will examine-

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