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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Reward”

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Reward”

A reward found, but not sought after …

Sometimes, bounty is found when and where we do not seek to find it…

Splashes of color vividly afloat in a wetland pond? 

Rainbow hues on a blue sky- sunny day?

Such was my reward

While contemplating other things at the water’s edge.

A “sun dog” 

Unexpectedly dove into the pond

And alerted me to look…


Science related to this post: Sundogs University of Illinois DAS

This week’s challenge: “Reward

15 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Reward””

  1. What a magical set of photos, Jane 😉 How unusual to find your sun dog in the water before finding it in the sky! I love the new look of your site 😉 WG

  2. Pretty strange… I was lamenting at how many bullfrogs were beginning to surface. And then, as if out of nowhere, those colors appeared on the water. You are right- it was magical. I think the reflected colors were actually more vivid than those in the sky.

  3. Thanks for the link, Jane….I did not know about the term “sundogs” before this post. Great rewards, indeed!

  4. Bullfrogs out already?? Oh Jane, I would have been lamenting as well. But I’m glad you were there long enough to see the sun dog and get such lovely shots 😉

  5. Alberto and Adriana- your experiment is fascinating. I am happy you shared links to article and video explaining your work.This is a fascinating discovery. I enjoyed reading the article and then watching your video to see how your experiment was set up. The graphics and demonstrations in the video clearly illustrate how the bending of the light occurs.

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