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30 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Refraction””

  1. Hi Liz. This was a crazy cloud. That rainbow start is what caught my attention… a trumpet of color. I think that is the official “refraction” in this composition. The beams coming through the cloud are called Crepuscular Rays. In terms of atmospheric optics, they are an example of “Mie Scattering” when visible light is scattered parallel to incident light by cloud droplets or ice crystals.

  2. A lovely capture Jane – reminds me of the catechism cover in grade school (LOL you may not be old enough to remember such a thing, but consider it a compliment!!)

  3. (Maybe some of the neighborhood kids I grew up with would recall. We were a mix of parochial and public school-goers 😉 )
    I agree, though-
    It is a rather spiritual composition.
    I appreciate the compliment, Tina.

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