Weekly Photo Challenge: “ORange”

ORange along the ORegon Coast~

Outrageously ORange as setting sun bathes the sky and Pacific Ocean in final warmth of day befORe chill of night creeps in.


ORange sandstone fORmations comprised of sands and muds deposited some 2 to 40 million years ago, were lifted upward by tectonic activity, and eroded by waves of ancient seas. They fORmed a series of Marine Terraces like this one, that back much of the ORegon Coast.


ORange tentacles grace the top of Feather-Duster wORms that are often found in large clusters, in rocky shORes and low intertidal zones. These feathery tentacles draw food and oxygen from the water; they have light-sensitive eye-spots that close with the slightest shadow. We wondered what dislodged this one; found washed up on the beach.


Trentepohlia- a genus of filamentous green chlORophyte algae, specifically of the family Trentepohliaceae, living free on terrestrial suppORts such as tree trunks and wet rocks or symbiotically in lichens.

The filaments of Trentepohlia have a strong ORange colOR caused by the presence of large quantities of carotenoid pigments which mask the green of the chlorophyll.


Birds with flashes of ORange… in the woods and at the beach-

Varied Thrush

Western Gull

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Swainson’s Thrush

ORange celebrates the close of another glORious day as sun sets at Netarts Bay.


Nature was Outrageously ORange along the ORegon coast last week.

This week’s photo challenge: “ORANGE

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  1. That is so true, Ken!

    We had no wifi at the beach; it was pleasant to find the topic “Orange” when we returned home. I knew there were some good shots on the SD card, and enjoyed being able to share “fresh” material <3

  2. They really were… you never know on the Oregon Coast how the weather will be at sunset. Often fog banks roll in during the late afternoon, so even on clear-blue sunny days, sun setting into the ocean (or behind the bay) are not a guarantee.

  3. fOR me, the biggest surprise was the bald eagle’s ORange. Just saw one yesterday and didn’t notice that. Great shots-looking fORward to your future posts!!

  4. When a bird is orange and black it seems farfetched that it can blend in with its’ surroundings. But this Varied Thrush proves it can.

  5. Mother Nature is pretty clever when it comes to camouflage… except the Cardinal in the snow. Now there’s an interesting situation. Perhaps She knew people would need a bit of cheer during times of extreme weather…

  6. The photo in my collage is a juvenile Bald Eagle. The colORation will morph into the traditional adult look as the youngster matures 😉

    Tina, thanks for playing along with the ORange/ ORegon wORd play… how fun!

  7. Don’t you love it when the photos you JUST took works its way perfectly for a new challenge? Your ORange sunset shots are stunning, the first one makes me want to melt with the sunset, it is so gORgeous! Great selections for the theme, Jane 🙂

  8. What a magnificent collection of orange photos you have! The thrush is especially nice, though the feet on the gull made me smile, too! What a sunset!!! I’m flying in late April and will be in the area for about a week. What a treat to return so soon! I’ve been blessed with another opportunity to visit with daughter and granddaughter and will have a condo on the beach again. I hope we can find a time to meet. woodlandgnome@zoho.com

  9. Thank you for enjoying the photos. The Oregon Coast does provide super photo opportunities, that’s no doubt.
    This is happy news! Time with new little granddaughter is so precious! We are heading up to Gig Harbor the week after next to provide “Nanny” care for two weeks while our daughter attends orientation for a new job.I think we get the best end of that deal 🙂
    Looking forward to staying in touch RE: your time in Oregon <3

  10. Yes, you definitely get the best end of the deal, although your granddaughter probably believes that she is the winner in this one 😉 How old is she?

  11. Mary was born last January and is beginning to walk 😉 She is at a fun age, and I’m so glad I’ll get a chance to enjoy playing with her 😉 They are certainly close in age 😉

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