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Weekly Photo Challenge | “Muse”

Weekly Photo Challenge | “Muse”



My eternal point for inspiration.

All I need do is stand still, if only for a moment,

To give each of my senses the opportunity to muse in its own way:











Each enhances the depth of Nature’s power

and fills my heart and soul

with renewable awe…


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge | “Muse””

  1. An inspiring post, Jane, filled with wonderful photos and a lovely poem. You expressed so well what I feel as well. Your damselfly photo is my favorite, though the hawk photo is quite a catch as well. Hope you and yours are enjoying summer. Best wishes, WG

  2. Few can compete with you, Jane, for your affinity with Nature 😉 (yes, the upper case ‘N’ is deliberate)

  3. Yes, Liz, they do. I believe you are one who knows this better than anyone.
    Forgive delay in response… I’m catching up after taking a break for family special occasions!
    I’m anxious to dive back into your posts to see what adventures have come your way over the past weeks.:)
    <3 Jane

  4. WG, We did enjoy the summer… seems cliche… but the time passed so much faster than expected. How can that be? I can’t fathom that my blog and I parted ways for as long as we did. Please be patient… next step is to go out visiting. (Posts are updated, comment replies almost completed 🙂 )
    <3 Jane

  5. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up. When both are in short supply, for whatever reason, we let go for awhile. Blogging needs to be a joy and not a chore. I hope you are brimming with ideas. I know your family takes a lot of time and energy- as does mine. I hope all is well on that front 😉

  6. All is well, WG. I am so grateful for my family. I agree, blogging should be a joy; and for me it is. Over dinner this evening, I was remarking about how many interesting and kind-spirited blog pals I have. So helpful to learn about different parts of the world through the experiences of others and their and points of view.

  7. Absolutely- totally agree with you on those points. And I’m glad you have found to return to the blogging conversation. I’ve missed you 😉

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