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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Motion”

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Motion”

All at the pond were startled when waters flung into motion. An otherwise calm and sunny afternoon was disrupted as a swirling curtain of water blurred the identity of the perpetrators.

The outlines of two Mallard male ducks emerged as water droplets splashed out of the way;


only to be set back into action by one Mallard who continued the pursuit…


intent in a mission to chase the other Mallard male


to a different location.


The new neighbor appeared to be less concerned- at least for the time being. During breeding season, paired male Mallards are known to defend territory with vigorous acrobatic chases.

This week’s photo challenge: Motion

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  1. Lol! In Spring, our avatar (and very real parrot) Kuno, spends a great deal of energy chasing away his “rival” in picture frames and other shiny surfaces, like the bathtub. Great photos here!

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