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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Humanity”

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Humanity”

Ever since the dawn of humanity…

People have relied on the oceans for sustenance:

But we are not alone in reliance on the oceans for life…

ocean life

As a species… we must learn to work together to protect the life-giving forces of the ocean.

beach literacy
OSU Master Naturalist cadre out to learn how to gather data about ocean conditions and species diversity by performing a scientific beach transect.

Weekly photo challenge:  Humanity

World Oceans Day

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome

Ocean Acidification

22 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Humanity””

  1. Thank you for taking notice and sharing your recognition of a need upon which humanity should unite… Awareness is a first step.

    The effects of climate change are becoming evident here. Big concerns are currently being generated by evidence of ocean acidification caused by upwelling; and by mass die-off of keystone species- ochre sea stars.

  2. I believe you just stated two important words-
    be aware
    it concerns me that humanity in the 21st century could lose sight of our ties with nature and become diminished in our understanding of how life is dependent on nature’s cycles and systems… a tragic and fatal mistake.

  3. I do agree that people should consider themselves as a species of nature. One of the most important aspects of humanity is keeping the world safe and sound 🙂

  4. What a lovely perspective. I like your thoughts and photos as well. Very soothing colors and appealing to eyes. Thanks.

    Do visit my perspective of humanity in my post. Thanks;)

  5. Very clever interpretation. I couldn’t agree more. Fantastic entry for the theme.

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