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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fresh” Water & Sustainable Development

World Water Day Hero:Rajendra Singh –

Fresh Water Champion in India


In this post, I share Stockholm International Water Institute’s (SIWI) press release information about the achievement of Rajendra Singh… a remarkable man who has pioneered effective methods in the restoration of FRESH WATER for villages and eco-systems in India. This inspirational story seems vividly appropriate for this week’s Photo Challenge: Fresh; just in time for World Water Day- March 22.siwi.org-2015 2_siwi.org-2015


“In a world where demand for freshwater is booming, where we will face a severe water crisis within decades if we do not learn how to better take care of our water, Mr Singh is a beacon of hope,” says Torgny Holmgren, SIWI’s Executive Director. “He has literally brought villages back to life. We need to take Mr Singh’s lessons and actions to heart if we are to achieve sustainable water use in our lifetime.”


“Water is a Precious Resource; Let Us Count the Ways”


9 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fresh” Water & Sustainable Development”

  1. What a clever way to respond Jane – wonderful!! We have a good organization nearby that supplies clean water filtering systems to poverty-stricken areas. They do great work. It’s a very critical need in so many places.

  2. Yes, I agree! He has been dedicated for decades- I love the way he has integrated traditional methods to solve current-day problems. The way this involves the people in the villages is so empowering.

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