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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fray”

18 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fray””

  1. Thank you, Janet
    It does look peaceful in this shot, however, the coast is a very dynamic place no matter which viewpoint is selected: weather, climate, geologic… one of my favorite places!

  2. Hum, an intriguing thought, Charly.
    I wonder, without nature, would the hand of man have anything to fray?
    Your idea has inspired an edit that I will go back to make on my post.
    I think the idea of being frayed by nature versus being frayed by time is a stronger message. Don’t you think that fits better with the ideas in the poem?

  3. Thank you, Maggie.
    Great to meet another Wilson. I see you are geology-inspired. Can understand why… the complexities of our dynamic Earth are fascinating. The Oregon Coast is certainly testament to that!

  4. Thank you, Annette-
    It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the photo and poem.
    I was grateful to Charly’s comment on this post… she inspired an edit to my original post that resulted in that particular line.


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