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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Broken”

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Broken”

Who cares for the home place

DSC_3025 copy

 after dreams are abandoned… 


left to escape


their broken homes?

 This week’s Photo Challenge:  “Broken”

11 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Broken””

  1. Wow! That looks just like the area north of Livermore. When I see broken homes I can’t help but wonder what stories the walls could tell.

  2. On this trip, there were many abandoned homes. The ones in these photos were along I-84 in northern Utah. But, I agree, Patrick, California had it’s share too. On the trip to Phoenix from Portland, we took I-5 south and then across to Bakersfield and out to Needles. I recall lots of deserted buildings there as well.

  3. Yes, restoration allows the stories to be told. It’s been a number of years since we visited the Dredge, but I recall being overwhelmed by the dredge process of mining and the effects it had on the land. Quite a piece of machinery for the time.

  4. Thank you, Lola Jane. The first two photos were taken along I-84 in northern Utah. Such pretty country… I love how gentle the landscape is on the eye. But, living there must be much harsher, as the abandoned farmsteads pay tribute. The last photo is also along I-84 in eastern Oregon.

  5. And an important one, to be sure. Too bad the negative impacts still go on… many times worse that the Dredge…
    I think yours is a worthy story. Still hoping to be out your way some day. 🙂
    (Tough part is, we’ve been heading up north to Gig Harbor whenever possible… first grandchild!!!)

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