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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Adventure!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Adventure!”

Is the key to this adventure lost?

…Or, waiting to be found?

You be the judge.


Long ago, meals were prepared here for seaworthy men who ventured far from port.

Adventuresome types.

Ready to put backs into grueling labor required for

hauling in up to 2,000 salmon at a time.


Now, a lonely pencil occupies the galley. 

Awaiting the hand of  

shipwright, Nate Slater, who dreams of 

adventures to come.

He puts graphite to paper-

charting the course that will resurrect 

a hull that seems forgone to adventure…

But, rotting away is not an option.

A small team of weekend woodworking warriors

return to the Harbor History Museum

in Gig Harbor, Washington every Saturday

to pursue their own unusual experience…

an enterprise fraught with physical work…

the restoration of

The Shenandoah.


Decayed Douglas Fir is removed and replaced by

new, hand-crafted planking.

Displays around the vessel reveal the 

agony of extracting and replacing ancient nails and plugs.

Submerged under layers of peeling paint,

and behind flaking layers of rust…

Men and women who dare to dream of adventure 

still can see

The Shenandoah

once again on the waters of the Puget Sound.

Think about future adventures aboard The Shenandoah… 
Can you imagine-
What will they be?

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: “Adventure!”

Want more information?

Please visit:http://www.harborhistorymuseum.org/programs/shenandoah-project/shenandoah-updates/

14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Adventure!””

  1. Wow! I truly appreciate all your photos here. They do justice to all the hard work that are being put into restoring the boat. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Wonderful to read about this fabulous restoration. What stories the old wood of the boat could tell, of adventures long passed 🙂

  3. You’re right, just the mission of restoring her is quite the adventure!
    I like the “term of the week” the restoration crew is posting on the whiteboard.

  4. What a fascinating post Jane – I love the photos as well as the idea. What a perfect fit for the challenge. Great!!

  5. Thank you, Tina. In this case, the photos really do give a clear impression of how desperately neglected this vessel was when it was brought into dry dock. The weekend volunteers have been assisting the shipwright for three years. This is a very long, and dedicated group of adventurers… to be sure.

  6. Hi Janet-
    It will be astonishing when the restoration is complete. At the rate the project is going, I suspect it will be a very long adventure. We will be taking many trips back up to Gig Harbor to visit our new granddaughter! So it will be easy to stop by and watch the restoration 🙂 I would love to go on a weekend when the crew is working. Also would be thrilling to volunteer some time.

  7. What a fascinating, and intriguing set of images to go with this adventure! Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Hello Cindi-
    Yes, the Shenandoah restoration process is very fascinating. My husband and I are looking forward to following the progress and plan to pop by the museum where it is dry docked on our visits to see our granddaughter <3

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