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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Achievement” Beaver Achiever

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Achievement” Beaver Achiever

I live next door to a very high achieving neighbor. 

01-10-14_mam_beaver_lodgeHis home is entirely self-crafted on waterfront property

he creates through the construction of strategically placed dams.

Constructed from local lumber that is personally selected, harvested, shaped,

and moved to suit his needs for survival.

Beavers not only procure food and shelter for themselves…

in the process, these ecological engineers also provide habitat for others

in the ponds that form behind beaver-buit dams.

 Quite the achievement …

wouldn’t you agree?

Photo Challenge: “Achievement

10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Achievement” Beaver Achiever”

  1. I saw a fabulous documentary on beavers over the weekend – they are amazing creatures! thank you for the wonderful pictures

  2. Yes, I suppose it is a rodent of unusual size…
    and not one who is easily seen. Even in suburbia… it takes some good luck to do more than simply hear them chewing out in the wetland.

  3. Good job, Jane. I sill stop and smile at the juncos and chickadees — what must it be like to glimpse a beaver at work?
    I would like to know what the beaver was singing when you saw him. My guess is “My Way”, particularly the line “Egrets, I’ve known a few…”

  4. LOL!
    I just came in from a stroll up the driveway. It was pre-dawn and I was hoping for a glimpse of the beaver(s) at work, but no luck. Quitting time was before I got there. When it gets lighter a walk down our little trail will provide a closer look at the progress being made on the “logging” operation currently underway on the bough of a large tree that fell into the wetland a few weeks ago. It’s an impressive process.

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