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UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers

UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers


… A blog challenge where you can share thoughts about  ecological/ environmental topics inspired by ongoing themes. As a Chronicler, share comments, write accounts of important natural history events… and add photographs as a way to enhance your ideas…

  • The Challenges have no expiration date.
  • Please feel welcome to participate in any order you please.
  • Click on an image for more information about a Challenge.
  • Look for new Challenges added several times a month.


The Lorax by Dr. Suess.

Discover details about this challenge and how to post entries.

Challenge 1/ Plastic


What is a problem that PLASTIC creates where you live?

Challenge 2/ Plastic Waste Reduction


What Earth-friendly action(s) are you taking to reduce your plastic footprint?

Challenge 3/ Severe Weather and Wildlife Well-being


How is wildlife supported where you live when the weather turns extreme?

Challenge 4/ Water: Watershed


What’s your watershed?

Challenge 5/ Water Footprint

What’s your water footprint?

Challenge 6/ Taking the Pulse of Your Watershed River’s Heartbeat


How healthy is the river flow in your watershed?

Challenge 7/ Water is a Precious Resource


How is water precious to you?

Challenge 8/ Let’s Talk Soil


Look at UN objectives … where do you find your level of understanding, involvement, concern when it comes to soil importance?

Challenge 9/ Invasive Plants


Which plants are invasive to your watershed or ecoregion?

Challenge 10/ Biodiversity “I Spy”


What variety of life-forms do you see when you take time to look?

Challenge 11/ Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet


What do you like about the ocean that you wish to preserve? What commitment can you make to help reduce an ocean stressor?

Challenge 12/ Pollinator Portraits


Who are the pollinators in your area? Post photos of the fascinating animals that pollinate near you.

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