Treat- Where does Big Foot go for a Big Mac?

Look closely for the answer…


I was so focused on the amazing textures in the clouds this evening…

didn’t see the McDonald’s Golden Arches photo bombing until post- processing.

Hope this photo treats you to a smile 🙂  Had to share this one!

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Treat


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  1. Hi Patrick-
    Not too far away, highway 26 heads west to the beach. One of those sign boards on a high pole marks the exit for the restaurant… Just didn’t expect to see it nested in the trees. Photography does have a way of showing details we may have otherwise missed.

  2. Yes it does. I was recently going through several pictures of the Pigeon Point Light House and discovered one with a Seagull in flight. As opposed to the Golden Arches, this was a bonus detail. 🙂

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