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Transient  | Dreams

Transient | Dreams

Homestead windows were long-ago graced with crisp, hand-sewn curtains…Framed ambitious dreams of newly weds as they gazed eyes upon golden-grained hills.Young backs and strong hands sawed boards, lifted beams, crafted outbuildings and barn…Housed livestock purchased to support life’s longing for itself in the form of a family.Tenacious toil, determined persistence produced humble subsistence.Homestead windows now drafty are cracked and pitted by  wind-blown grit…Frame decades-long memories of the grateful widow as she gazes upon sage-brushed hills.Hunch-backed and aged gnarled hands, clasp in prayer-  her thoughts give thanks…Echos of  livestock and children. Gifts reaped from dreams made behind crisp, hand-sewn curtains.

* My life has been topsy-turvy for a while. I’m saddened that meant taking leave of my blog and pausing relationships with valued post-pals. The tensions that pulled me away are easing. I have hope that I will be able to re-establish comments and conversations in this special place where we learn from each other and wholesomely share points of view.  I plan to randomly work back through the Weekly Photo Challenges as inspiration for posts… and try to also work forward with current challenges.

Week of June 21, 2017 | Photo Challenge | “Transient”

9 comments on “Transient | Dreams”

  1. I see you’re a bit behind on the WP Photo Challenge, Jane, but with a shot like this (and words to match it), who really cares? 🙂 Hope all’s well and have a marvelous rest of the week.


  2. Welcome back, Jane. I was reviewing my stats and followers a few days ago and saw your name and wondered what happened. Glad to hear you are looking forward to re-engage with the blog-o-sphere. I too have traveled a road I never expected. I found my blog helped me to focus my mind on something other than the changes, which ended up being good.

  3. I think I understand what you mean… the unexpected road is a good analogy. The bumps seem to be smoothing out. I’m happy to find the time and peace of mind again to rediscover my blog and friends. Thank you for the kind words, and the post you wrote about the grape leaves 🙂

  4. Thank you, Janet. There will be some of these misplaced posts for a while. I’ve been saving the prompts and looking forward to “some day” to start catching up. Happy to feel like it’s that time. Enjoy your weekend-

  5. Thank you, Liz. I’m happy to find your reply. Looking forward to reading your blog again!

  6. Hi Jane, you’ve been in my thoughts especially since recently reading an excellent piece by Bruce Roll on the Tree for All programme and the tremendous results in transforming landscapes and rivers. He writes about partnerships and the interconnection between relationships. Lovely descriptions of the Tualatin R, Fanno Creek; of beavers and flourishing natural habitats where nature thrives alongside urban environments. It’s so encouraging to read the positive outcome when people are committed to making a change.

  7. Yes, Liz, there are some incredible folks who work for our local Clean Water Services. The plan for restoring the Tualatin River watershed is very amazing. I think it’s impressive that news of this particular CWS project has reached South Africa. Your grasp on environmental issues is always impressive!!

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