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Tiny Spider… Tinier Prey

Tiny Spider… Tinier Prey

Who wanders about the ground, explores on plants, or climbs atop flowers to ambush prey?

It’s this little spider who has a body measurement of only 9 mm.-

The Flower Crab Spider Misumena vatia


This spider is appropriately named; it resembles a very tiny crab in many ways:

  • its front legs are out-stretched to the sides
  • the body is short and broad
  • movement can change between forward, backwards, and sideways
  • this species does not spin webs, retreats, or over-wintering nests, but, instead, wanders about.

Unlike crabs, who have two eyes, this species of spiders have eight eyes located on raised bumps on top of the head. Flower Crab Spiders have two backwardly curving rows of four eyes each.

The flowers in our garden last summer were well-patrolled by this small spider, and others like him, who preyed on pesky aphids. Those are terrific, tiny spiders!

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