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Tillamook County Estuaries- Part 3/6

Tillamook County Estuaries- Part 3/6

Memaloose Point

Dilemma: Will Human Activity Impact Nature/ Natural Systems with Positive or Negative Outcome(s)?

Lisa Phipps, Executive Director of the Tillamook Esturaries Partnership (TEP), realizes that Tillamook Bay Watershed has problems; but she is adamant that they are solvable. She believes that the network of partners that support TEP’s Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan in the active implementation of habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, education and outreach will ultimately achieve the agency’s mission of conserving and restoring Tillamook County’s estuaries and watersheds in their entirety.

Here at Memaloose Point, it was surprising to learn that nine flood gates are slated for removal in a flood control plan that could prove to be a model of importance. The nine million dollar project, known as the Southern Flow Corridor, was designed by the local community in collaboration with state and federal agencies.

Many previously engineered flood controls, like the nine flood gates pictured below, and 40,000 feet of old levees actually block flood flows from reaching Tillamook Bay. Once they are removed, a one and one half foot drop in flood levels are expected as ten percent of lost tidal wetlands are restored.


The levee removals will have another benefit. Many ancient channels and sloughs needed by salmon for rearing young will be reopened! I think there is reason to be excited by the expected results of this large habitat restoration project.

In this instance, it’s hopeful to consider the Ecological Dilemma: Will Human Activity Impact Nature/ Natural Systems with Positive or Negative Outcome(s)?

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