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I relish the surprise trapped inside a sheet of blank paper.  I love the look of deep concentration on little kid’s faces as they transform thoughts into visual two-dimensional form. I’m dazzled when new revelations are released by children with wands of waxy colored crayons.

Little children see the world through fresh, innocent eyes. Shapes are carefully and tediously drawn.  Surprises that capture their hearts and souls transform paper from plain to extraordinary.

As a grandmother, I fill with anticipation…

I feel blessed to watch as my three-year old grand-daughter puts her wands of waxy colored crayons to paper. Then-  I listen with unbiased ears as she enthusiastically reveals the story that she created on her page. She is learning to observe and record ideas of her experience.

Each drawing holds a brand new surprise…

Weekly Photo Challenge: April 12, 2017 | “Surprise

16 thoughts on “Surprise | Crayons!

  1. Absolutely, Janet! The only problem is, I feel a little sad when the rain or sprinkler washes away her creations.

  2. Haha! They could be interpreted as such… however, she proudly tells stories of walruses and sunshine with these particular masterpieces.

  3. Yes, so whimsical. I learned a long time ago to let children tell me about their creations. I innocently crushed the smile off the face of one of my first grade students many many years ago by sharing my view before listening to his. No apology could erase the regret I felt in my heart. I asked him if I could have his painting, and he so sweetly said, “Yes.” I hung Scott’s painting in a prominent place in my classroom for over twenty years as a reminder to listen, and ask, “Please tell me about your…..” I lost track of how many smiles and thoughtful stories I was honored to be told after that life-impacting experience.

  4. Thank you, Donna. I love having a grand daughter. She brings new experiences coupled with fond memories from when her mom was little. I agree… the “little” years pass way too quickly.

  5. I had a wow moment. At 3 my granddaughter markered a picture when visiting . What made it unique was the plate my daughter colored 30 years prior. It was almost identical, and my granddaughter had never seen the plate. It’s always fun. I took a photo of that.

  6. I understand! 🙂 We gave our sidewalk chalk to the young girl next door, as our girls are grown-up (although at least one might still use it if she were here) and gone. She and her friends get lots of use from the chalk and we enjoy seeing their creations.

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