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Sunshine brings out wildlife on Glencoe Swale pond…

Sunshine brings out wildlife on Glencoe Swale pond…

A Painted Turtle basks as the sun’s warmth aids in the digestion of food in its gut.


Can you spot the photo bombing Bull Frog?04-19-15_rep_painted_turtle_a

A flotilla of duck hens paddles about…

Hooded Merganser hen, Gadwall hen_a

Isn’t the contrast between the Hooded Merganser hen and the Gadwall hen rather striking?

Hooded Merganser hen, Gadwall hen_b

The real show-stopper occurs when Mother Wood Duck emerges out of the grasses.

04-19-15_b_wood-duck_hen_aHer nine ducklings prattle about in all directions and resist being corralled into one orderly group.


Pond living is good on a sunny day.

10 comments on “Sunshine brings out wildlife on Glencoe Swale pond…”

  1. I did see the bullfrog, but I would have missed him if you hadn’t mentioned it. Some weeks ago, on a walk along a canal path, we saw a number of turtles sunning themselves, but they were amazingly shy and too often plopped back into the water as we approached, even though we were a ways away.


  2. Wonderful shots! I enjoyed the turtle and bullfrog. I’ve not been fortunate enough to see such a splendid turtle up close.

  3. Hello Jim 🙂
    Great to hear from you!
    We were able to see that splendid turtle up close because of that splendid new lens I bought a few months ago. The shot was taken from about 125 feet away and cropped. Unlocking the possiblities of a 150-600mm lens is an exciting new adventure.
    Take care-

  4. I love turtles, and it is great to see the close up photos 🙂 You are already getting so many great images from the new lens! I took some photos several weeks ago at our own vernal pond area to post, but had to get down close to the edge…I still got some fun shots of wildlife (I only recently started to take wildlife photos), but only because the ducks and birds that lived there are familiar with humans and ignored me once I was very still at the pond’s edge.

    Thanks for pointing out the froggy photobomber, haha.

  5. That bullfrog was a surprise… didn’t notice him until I was cropping the photo 🙂
    I like your vernal pond shots! (will be heading over to your blog as par at of catching up after being out of touch for the last week!)

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