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Structure | “Head Over Heels” Stickwork

Structure | “Head Over Heels” Stickwork

Branches and limbs that normally provide natural structure for native willows and Red Osier Dogwood were harvested…


to provide Structure for sculptures collectively titled- “Head Over Heels.” The installation is at Orenco Woods Nature Park in Hillsboro, Oregon.

During the Spring of 2017, artist Patrick Dougherty was assisted by a flock of 150 volunteers. Together, they spent over 1000 hours busy as birds during nesting season. With determination, they bent and twisted subtle sticks of all sizes into nest-like structures to create a wonderland of woodsy whimsies.


Although these creations are expected to last only 2-5 years, park visitors of all ages will enjoy the humor and playfulness these structures inspire.

Weekly Photo Challenge: August 30, 2017 | “Structure”

18 comments on “Structure | “Head Over Heels” Stickwork”

  1. That’s fun to imagine. I think they will need to be a tolerant sort of bird… kids of all ages romp about within these magical spaces!

  2. Hello Irene,
    It’s funny to admit, but I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about these structures when I first saw them. However, they have a way of growing on a person. Now I am fond of them and laugh when I watch my grand-daughter gleefully run through them!

  3. I agree with you, Irene. They are fun. A visit is sure to perk-up anyone’s spirits.

  4. Art is like that. Some you take to immediately, others you come round to and others leave you permanently cold. Seeing your granddaughter’s enjoyment would be a big help. I took to them immediately but I wouldn’t want them in my own garden.

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