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“Split-Second Story” Weekly Photo Challenge

“Split-Second Story” Weekly Photo Challenge
It took only a split-second before…

5-16-14 Rough-skinned Newt_1

The Bubble Burst!

This Rough-skinned newt swam to the surface of an Oregon coastal pond, blew a small bubble, and was framed by a ripple created in the split-second it took for the bubble to pop…

This week’s Photo Challenge is: “Split Second Story”

12 comments on ““Split-Second Story” Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. I love nature shots as they are my favorite subject. I used a single shot of a pelican diving for the challenge but need to do an entire photo series on pelicans. I find them amazingly graceful in flight yet still a bit awkward looking. I guess nature is showing her sense of humor.

  2. Pelicans in flight are amazing… I totally agree with you. The rhythm in both the line of flight and wing-movement is beautiful to watch above the surf line. I will pop over to your blog for a look!

    Glad you enjoyed this little newt’s antics!

  3. That’s so amazing., as is the coincidence – my bubble came from an entirely different source 😉

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