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My husband has a soft spot in his heart for Wood Ducks. When our daughter gifted him hand-cut cedar planks the intended project was clear… a Wood Duck house. The boards were cut and assembled early in the winter to allow the cedar home to have proper time to cure of its soft aromatic scent . A plug in the doorway was kept in place to protect the new dwelling from curious squirrels.

A few days ago, the plug was removed.

This morning we looked out in the soft light of the new day… A male Wood Duck graced the roof of the house! He was adorned in soft feathers painted with dramatic curves of color. Quite a spectacular look as he posed atop the cedar structure.

After a quick check of the dwelling, he flew down and landed on the water to join the female Wood Duck paddling below. Her feathers were lovely as well… in softer, muted hues.

We were disappointed the couple didn’t linger longer. Soon they were off, presumably to check out more real estate. This pair is our first Wood Duck sighting of the year.

I wonder… What kind of soft-sell can we give them that would persuade them to move in?

Created for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #137 | Soft

Thank you Ann-Christine for this week’s topic.

9 comments on “Soft”

  1. Jane – how terrific to see you join our challenge this week! Loved your post, the wood duck is GORGEOUS! I’m sure once he’s kicked the local tires he’ll be back to set up house 😊. I cannot imagine a better home.

  2. Hi Janet- It was a very good way to start the day. My husband was SO pleased! I hope the ducks won’t disappoint him.

  3. Tina- I do hope he will be back.
    I’m very grateful that you and the Len-Artists team have kept the Weekly Challenges going. Looking forward to being more devoted to photography as the world straightens itself back out.

  4. Now we hope the soft moment will return! No Wood Ducks this morning… however, the other usual ducks and geese were also not to be seen.

  5. The arrival of the Wood Ducks and timing of this theme seemed to have been meant for each other!

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