Snow Moon

We had snow this month, so it seems logical to get a capture of the Snow Moon. I had my camera out during the “Blue Hour” a couple days ago and took advantage of the clear sky and time of day.

Tamron 150-600mmG2, ISO2000, 600mm, f/27, 1/60sec.

I was excited to apply a technique discussed in a recent Tamron Night Photography webinar I attended. At Civil Twilight, when the blue hour is under way, the sky has a deep blue hue with a cold color temperature and saturated colors. The instructor talked about this as one of his favorite slices of light when the sun is just below the horizon,  but its light is visible because it illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere. He particularly likes this time for shots to frame the moon in a cobalt vs a black sky.

This diagram, cut from the photopills website helps it all to make better sense-

Diagram from photopills:

I must admit- this is a very useful “aha moment” in my journey of understanding and applying the science of light. I love the magic of learning how to use and control manual/ RAW settings in digital photography.

Another tip- My photo was captured about 48 hours before the official full moon. I learned that at full moon the sun is shining straight at the moon’s surface. Just like taking photos at full noon on Earth, shadows are diminished by the strong direct light. I do note better texture in this photo because the shadows are more pronounced.

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