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Shadow | Hydrophilic?

Shadow | Hydrophilic?

Gerridae  |

If water striders have the unique ability to walk on water because hydrophobic microhairs cover this insect’s body to repel water…

Could that mean their shadows are hydrophilic- wetted to mix with water as they follow along below the water’s surface?

5 comments on “Shadow | Hydrophilic?”

  1. This pondering made me stop and consider the possibilities. It is even more interesting to consider that their connection to the surface tension of the water actually creates tiny, ever changing, lenses which then refocus the light to create the dancing shadows. Nature truly is amazing.

  2. Your pondering made me smile 🙂 I can’t see the dancing shadows in these photos. The next time I observe water striders I will most certainly look for those!

    You inspired another pondering- the photos were taken a little before 4:00 in the afternoon. If a water strider holds still, can it act like a little sun dial?

    Thanks for starting my day off with happy thoughts… we all sure can use those these days.

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