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September Smoke

September Smoke

Warnings alerting the public were issued across media platforms.

The goal?

Health and Safety Warning and Wild Fire prevention

Friday night, September 9th

The Harvest Moon was viewed in a fairly clear sky. Moon craters and surface features appeared near-crisp through a zoom lens.

Saturday, September 10th

Smoke apparent throughout Willamette Valley and I-5 Corridor.

Eerie sunset peeking through the wetland forest edge.

View of sunset behind the Coast Range illustrates the effect smoke from wildfires. The sun had a Venus-like appearance.

Sunday, September 11th

Air quality continued to be impacted by wildfire smoke… although not at the high levels we’ve experienced here in the past.

There were nearly 1000 power outages in the surrounding areas. The majority were planned outages initiated by the Portland General Electric Company with the goal of preventing down-power line sparked forest fires.

The outage in my neighborhood was not a planned event, rather an underground cable failure. However, being without power for over 12 hours gave time to assess our ability to handle an unexpected outage. The most difficult aspects were limiting the opening of the refrigerator and finding a way to provide power from a generator to keep oxygen levels up in a 50 gallon fish tank.

Another visit to this photo vantage point revealed a more impressive sunset due to an increased smoke level.

Monday, September 12th

Our power was restored by 10:00 AM. Smoke levels declined to near normal.

Life is Good, again.

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