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Scale | Zoom Zoom Trickery

Scale | Zoom Zoom Trickery

The Kodiak


Originally built in 1978 by the Sun Shipbuilding Company in Chester Pennsylvania as the TONSINA for the Keystone Shipping Company, the ship is now owned by Seariver Maritime Inc. and named KODIAK.The ship is one of the earliest double hulled crude oil tankers  built for the Trans Alaska Pipeline System trade. Her keel was laid down in the second year of pipeline construction and she was completed a year after the pipeline opened.

Admeasured at 64,329 gross tons and  39,583 net tons, she is capable of carrying 124,643 deadweight tons of crude oil. She has an overall length of 869 feet, a beam of 136 feet and draws 55 feet of water when loaded to her maximum deadweight capacity. 

The ship is propelled by a General Electric cross compounded steam turbine driving double reduction gears delivering 30,000 horsepower to her single propeller shaft. She is capable of making 17 knots. (Marine Exchange of Alaska)

The enormousness of the Kodiak’s size is emphasized when compared to a kayak

The Kayak

Modern kayaks have evolved into specialized types that may be broadly categorized according to their application as sea or touring kayaks, whitewater (or river) kayaks, surf kayaks, racing kayaks, fishing kayaks,and recreational kayaks. 

In recent decades, kayak design has proliferated to a point where the only broadly accepted denominator for them is their being designed mainly for paddling using a kayak paddle featuring two blades i.e. ‘kayak paddle’. However, even this inclusive definition is being challenged by other means of human powered propulsion, such as foot activated pedal drives combined with rotating or sideways moving propellers, electric motors, and even outboard motors.

Kayaks are long—19 feet (5.8 m), short—6 feet (1.8 m), wide—42 inches (110 cm), or as narrow as the paddler’s hipsThey accommodate 1-3 or more paddlers/riders, and typically weigh between 20 lbs. – 80 lbs.

(Wiki- Kayak)

My friend demonstrated the concept of scale. Kodiak:Kayak

Accentuated with some Zoom, Zoom lens trickery!

Weekly Photo Challenge: October 11 ,2017 |”Scale

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  1. Stephen, thank you for pointing out my word usage error; I appreciate your observation and opinion. I like to learn something new every day. You provided today’s mini-lesson. The edit has been made. 😉

    The Chamber Thesaurus includes a special note about the distinction between the two nouns:

    enormity or enormousness Of these two nouns, only enormousneess should be used when referring to size… Enormity means ‘great wickedness, seriousness(of a crime, etc.)’

  2. Great interpretation of the prompt. I might be a little nervous that close but I wonder if the person wan’t as close as it appeared.

  3. Janet, this was one of those photo challenges I knew exactly which photos to pull out of archives! It was a surprise to see how a safe day on the river could be made to look very dangerous when captured with a zoom lense!

  4. No need for worry, Donna. My friend was not as close as a zoom lense makes him appear. However, as one who was new to kayaking at the time, he gained a new appreciation for the size of the tankers that navigate the Columbia River. Later in the day, our group beached for picnic lunch and watched the container ships go by. The conversation included a lot of reflection about safe kayaking practices.

  5. Please accept my sincere apology. I did not intend to offend you, and will delete the conversation thread.

  6. My apologies Jane I certainly did not mean that may have sounded. I thought you were joking and i joked back regarding your “cross-examination” and that is why I mentioned enormity again. You did not offend me. But i have also learned from this.

  7. No worries, Abrie. I wasn’t sure and would rather send an apology that wasn’t needed, rather than upset a blogging friend. Conversations like these are reminders of how special blogging can be. Certainly a platform to help build communication between people… I believe this form of social media is the most thoughtful and real. Thank you 😊

  8. I forgot that you do not know me as I would noy attack somebody. By the way what I meant with kayaking past the Kodiak is via your blog I did that and I enjoyed the enormity of the experience. (I am a slow learner)😀

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