Saga of Smoke

Early in September, smoke drifting from wildfires gave a dramatic effect to sunsets. We knew crops begging for water wouldn’t get any relief from these clouds. It was smoke plumes that stretched across Pacific North West skies.

Smoke tendrils painted the skies… and kept reaching out for more canvass.

Each evening the sun…

Became increasingly less visible.

Our homes…

and natural areas were choked by dense smoke.

But as bad as our Air Quality Numbers were… we constantly worried about the million + acres of land impacted as wildfires raced through our State’s forests. It was horrifying to hear reports about the lives that were catastrophically threatened and homes, forests, wildlife destroyed.

The sigh of relief could be heard Statewide when rain was finally in the forecast.

We all appreciate that healthy air is something we must never take for granted.

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