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“Reflections” Weekly Photo Challenge

“Reflections” Weekly Photo Challenge

A Beautiful Place on the Oregon Coast for Reflection

Newport Harbor

20140321-Photo 357

Newport Harbor

20 comments on ““Reflections” Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Lovely artistic shot, great colours in the sky and the image just has that warm quality which is so appealing. Great entry!

  2. Hi Cee-
    I suspected this one would catch your eye! Hadn’t been in Newport for a while and was blown away by the sunset on this particular evening a couple weeks ago… it was very long in duration. Was back last weekend, and the sunset was over in a blink. 😉

  3. I see the superlatives have all been used. 🙂 The colors are wonderful, but I particularly like the circular reflection of the bridge. It adds that special “something.”


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