Two hydrogen + one oxygen… a welcome treat,

Fast drops and slow drips wash dust of drought away.

Rains drench tree leaves… provide a final scrubbing,

before chlorophyll fades and autumn colors emerge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: “Treat

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  1. It’s suppose to rain and cool down in Southern California tomorrow. I hope it happens because it will be a real treat!

  2. It would be wonderful if the rain has helped put an end to your drought, Jane! Sadly here we’re still waiting on the rains and it seems we’re heading for difficult times too.

  3. I’m concerned that your area is also facing drought conditions. It is a situation that is so far-reaching. Although we are getting ample rains here now… I wonder what lies ahead for the birds that are migrating south where drought related effects linger on.

  4. This was a fun photo to take, Debbie. The rain was coming down in sheets. I stood under the porch and hoped that the shot would depict the speed of that driving rain and the fact that drops rolling off the leaves simply took their own sweet time. ~Jane

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