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“Perspective” Weekly Photo Challenge- 2nd Take

“Perspective” Weekly Photo Challenge- 2nd Take

Yaquina Head – Lighthouse Lens/ Lighthouse

lens-Yaquina Head Lthouse


Standing 93 feet tall at the westernmost point of the basalt headland, the lighthouse has been a bright beacon of the night, guiding ships and their supplies along the west coast since the light was first lit on August 20, 1873.

This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be. Make sure you share what the photo actually is of in its caption!

For those who are looking for an extra bit of challenge, show us two photos, each one showing a different angle or interpretation of the same subject:

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  1. Hi Ken- Yes! The clarity was an astonishing surprise when I edited the photos of the lighthouse. Helps me to continue respecting my camera… it can do so much more than I know how to do yet! Experiences like this one coax me into expanding the learning curve, to be sure. Jane

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