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Pedestrian | Not just in streets

Pedestrian | Not just in streets

Be a foot-traveller who ventures away from city sidewalks.

Become a wayfarer who walks by Nature’s side.

With each step

listen to the stories she whispers in your ear.

Take moments to pause and breathe inward.

Rejoice in the places Nature will guide you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: October 4 ,2017 |”Pedestrian

17 comments on “Pedestrian | Not just in streets”

  1. I would love a walk on a beach today. It’s not going to happen for a while, though. Lovely photos and theme.

  2. This is why I’m glad I walk, not jog or bike, through the park. I wouldn’t get to see all the same things otherwise. Of course, sometimes I’m walking at a speed to exercise and I don’t see as much, either, but still more than just zooming by.


  3. Thank you, Sara. It sounds like you have something to look forward too. I hope you won’t have to wait too long.

  4. Tina, you have made my month!! That is a generous compliment. I’m honored that this post was a favorite of yours. Thank you from my heart. <3 Jane

  5. Janet, even at the speed of exercise… you still get the benefits Nature has to offer in color, sounds, scents,and shapes! I like the sensation when the pause button gets pushed while walking, too!

  6. Thank you, Ken…with thoughts inspired from the heart as well… Nature just has that effect on me!

  7. I can imagine this, Donna. I think a walk with you would result in some very inspiring and meaningful sharing of thoughts and conversations.

  8. Looks a bit complicated. I’m not sure I understand what to do. I’ll comb through their site more carefully when I get a chance. Looks fun!

  9. It is fun. The Northwest Earth Institiute site is well organized. Lots of ideas for sustainable Earth friendly actions 😉🌎

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