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  • “Creepy”


    Creepy or not? Sometimes what seems creepy might not be… Take a moment to think aboutĀ this fellow-Ā theĀ Leafhopper Assassin Bug (Zelus renardii)… Although it looks pretty creepy to see the Small Ashy Gray Ladybird BeetleĀ skewered… Consider this… The loss ofĀ an occasional beneficial garden insect, like this lady beetle, is outweighed by the positive netĀ impactĀ Assassin Bugs have as effective predators. This species of generalist feedersĀ are long-lived, often survivingĀ more than one season, and…

  • “Close Up” Humming in the Rain

    “Close Up” Humming in the Rain

    It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced a long, slow, soothing rain. What a wonderful feeling to awaken “close up” to the sight, sound, and smell of RAIN! The critters on Glencoe SwaleĀ must have been just as excited; their calls, songs, and activity levels were markedly aroused by the precipitation. Of the hundred or so photos I shot while observing moisture-inspired exuberance, these are my favorites… “Close Up” of…

  • Half Moonset

    Half Moonset

    ‘Round about midnight… A spectacularĀ (half) moonset as the MoonĀ headed down behind the Coast Range in western Oregon. An astronomical occasion that beaconed to have a turn in this week’s challenge. IĀ don’t usually submit multiple challenge entries; but this one begged to be shared. As the moon neared the horizon, its size and color were amplified to create this magical glow. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

    Brown Pelicans were halfway to extinction due to eggshell thinning caused by DDT exposure in the 1970’s. This species incubates eggs in an unusual way; it covers them with its webbed feet. When pesticide ingestion caused thinning of eggshells, this practice resulted in so many broken eggs that the species became endangered. Brown Pelicans are now reestablishing along the West, East, and Gulf coasts. It’s truly awesome to see them…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

    Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly~ Tiger-striped wings: viewed half from above; half below. Body: adorned with half yellow stripes; half black stripes. These beautiful butterflies fly inĀ bursts of brilliant yellow from late Spring to mid Summer. Generally widespread from British Columbia south to Baja California and east to the Rockies. TheyĀ prefer moist areas along watersides, trails, roadsides, parks and gardens. Usually in motion, this one rested for half a moment on…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Symbol”

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Symbol”

    Gravitar~ Almost every blogger has one. An icon selected toĀ represent… to symbolize… his or herĀ voice. I’m often amused, impressed, or puzzled by the gravitar selections folks make. Do you feel this way, too? My blog symbol is pretty straight forward… a Song Sparrow. But, there is a not-so-apparent reason why I revere this little bird, and selected her to represent my voice. A Song Sparrow taught me an important lesson~…

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