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NV Ecoregions: Las Vegas Strip

NV Ecoregions: Las Vegas Strip

Although “The Las Vegas Strip” is not an officially recognized ecoregion in Nevada… it seems to possess the characteristics of an ecoregion… all in a very artificial, man-made fashion. Perhaps Las Vegas stands as a warning for what can happen when nature is either ignored or manipulated to its breaking point…

Location: Located in southwestern Nevada. The area designated as “The Strip” is actually 4.5 miles outside the Las Vegas city limits and is described by Wikipedia as, “the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard that is roughly between Russell Road and Sahara Avenue.”

Climate: Outside,  this ecoregion has a Mojave Basin and Range-type climate with an average of 300 sunny days per year. Inside, casinos regulate climate to encourage wakefulness and propensity for engagement in Casino-related activities. Whether inside or outside, this ecoregion is a haven for tourism.

Vegetation: Vegetation is largely determined by building-related themes. However, palm trees are prevalent in the Las Vegas ecoregion.

Hydrology: Water features are found on some properties; however, due to water resource issues, water conservation efforts are increasing. A movement to encourage xeriscapes is currently underway.

Terrain: Flat land forms with geological substructure to support  buildings of unusual size and shape.

Wildlife: Yes! Abundant on sidewalks, streets, and in buildings. Active twenty-four hours a day. Nocturnal and diurnal behaviors vary.

Land Use/Human Activities: This ecoregion is considered a scenic area, especially at night. It is home for large hotels, casinos, and resort properties. Restaurants and retail shops abound.

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Ecoregion Facts:
Wikipedia, The Las Vegas Strip
Photos taken in October 2013 along “The Strip”
Original Photography:
88x31Just Another Nature Enthusiast Photography by Jane Wilson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

2 comments on “NV Ecoregions: Las Vegas Strip”

  1. What? This is not an official Eco-region? Water use and all? 🙂

    Once again, great photos that capture the sense of the place.

    I had to go there for a conference once, and had it not been for business, I don’t think I would have ever visited. When I lived in the high desert area — and despite the city being quite close, and within a reasonable driving distance from our base — we never went to Las Vegas. There was just so many other laces to visit…

  2. Thank you for enjoying that particular piece… it was fun to make that one up. It really could pass for an eco-region, though, couldn’t it?!
    LasVegas just happened to be on the route home from a trip to Phoenix for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday. Never stepped out of the car… drove down the Strip with the sunroof open and just kept snapping photos all the way across town.That was exhilarating enough for me.

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