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Oh…What a Beautiful Day

Oh…What a Beautiful Day

It’s a wonderful feeling… wildlife’s coming our way.

After days of record-breaking heat, cooler mornings lured local wildlife out of hiding and into the yard for breakfast.


Robins busily gathered worms. We kept a patch watered near the nest in hopes the worms would remain near the surface. Looks like the plan is working!

Flickers were eagerly on the lookout for bugs.

Hummingbirds hovered for nectar in the salvia patch.


Cool morning gave dandelion leaves just the right amount of crunch.

Crispy, cool grass greens seemed to have just the right blend of clover.

Almost missed this little one who preferred to find breakfast under the zinnias 💕

Flight Plan… for Now

Seek comfort until the next blast of hot weather hits during the weekend.

Curious by nature?

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