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Now there’s something to think about…

Now there’s something to think about…

I love taking classes… especially when instructors generate “aha” moments. Those are added bonuses that I take away, and can’t wait to share with others. Adding powerful, memorable visuals to learning experiences is something I appreciate. Here is one that was incorporated into the Mason Bee class I took last weekend when our instructor wanted to emphasize the vital role of pollinators in food systems.

A couple of years ago, Whole Foods in Providence, Rhode Island, vividly portrayed to its clientele what their shopping experience in the produce department would look like if the store removed all fruits and vegetables dependent on honey bees and other pollinators.pw15logoFINAL

This is the “With Bees” food selection:


This is what happened to choices when pollinator-dependent foods were eliminated:

'Big-wholefoods-bees-releasephoto.jpg' copy

Click here for the news release text that accompanied the photos: This is what your grocery store looks like without honeybees. – Whole Foods Market Newsroom

If you’re like me, and appreciate visuals try out the videos, too.

8 comments on “Now there’s something to think about…”

  1. Definitely something to think about Jane! You have a nice video and pictures to remind us of these important part of our food chain.

  2. I think Whole Foods is doing something that more markets should do. Encouraging sustainable and responsible shopping habits is such a good idea… and something folks could actually enjoy doing. 😉

  3. Since we love making guacamole, the video was terrific to illustrate exactly what happens without pollinators, no more of the food many of us enjoy!

    When I was researching about Tilapia fish, Whole Foods was one of the few places that sold the right type and fit the criteria set forth for sustainable aquaculture fish. I learned about their Marine Stewardship Certification program — and that was 3 years ago (http://lolako.com/country-of-origin-for-tilapia-fish-sold-locally/ ) .

    People do complain about Whole Foods, pricing, etc., but the stores tend to be ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability topics. I like what they do, and support these public education campaigns. Thanks for the informative post and visuals, Jane 🙂

  4. Gee, Ken… I’d like to think it’s just children that would have that misconception, but I’m willing to bet that there are a fair number of grown-ups who might think that, too…
    Luckily- I love the humor in your comment 🙂

  5. I’m with you- it would be great if all markets could include public education campaigning in their advertising budgets. Even something as simple as promoting the “Better Bag” habit would be a huge step.
    This was a fun post to organize- it practically wrote itself 😉

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