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In March of 2020, I started a new hash tag on my Instagram feed. After reflective consideration, the phrase “Neighborly Cheer” came the closest to what I want to share with others during these unique and challenging times. The following is a fluid gallery that I will add to as new Neighborly Cheers are added to InstaGram.

While following Covid-19 guidelines to Stay-At-Home, I hope this project will provide comfort, inspiration, and connections with others who are also remaining at home.

Please click each thought to reveal corresponding Neighborly Cheer photo.

1. Find little ways to inspire joy.

2. We will all get through this… cooperation with COVID-19 guidelines is critical.
3. When disaster struck- remember where Dorothy most wanted to be… and stay there🌈💕
4. Try to be optimistic.

5. It doesn’t matter if you are off key…

6. You are stronger than you think!

7. Look for the bright side, especially on rainy days or in dark moments.

8. Need inspiration? Here are some starters- family, friends, faith… 

9. Words to remember for all who are working to help us get through the Covid19/ Coronavirus crisis.❤️

10. Remember to take time to simply close your eyes and-

11. Three words you can text to family and friends to show you care💕

12. Although the Covid19 virus has caused the web of life to pop out of order… we can all do our best to weave new behaviors into our lives that will lead to getting the web back in shape. 

13. When you feel like you’re going nuts…

14. We may have to set our sights out further than usual… however… let’s never be afraid to hope, dream, or set goals.

15. Words that fit any occasion … especially now.

16. Find inspiration in little things.

17. With hopes all will be well… sooner than later.

18. Find twists of beauty in unexpected places. Who would guess? That skunk cabbage that blooms in our front yard has been added to my list of favorite spring flowers. COVID19 stinks…While you’re hunkered down at home… find your own twists of beauty.

19. A tough quest. We can see it through.

20. Thoughts from a wise old, kind-hearted soul. Who never let anything get him down.

21. I cherish this memory. Our grand daughter had all her nap-time buddies lined up and watching out. Families who are home with children- look for these precious, unexpected moments. Find the tender inspiration that comes from a child’s point of view. Be willing to practice unbiased judgement … you just might smile/laugh more and feel less tension.

22. Keep this quote in your pocket… it’s been one of my keepers for years and hasn’t failed yet.

23. Faith… breathe it in every time you gaze upward.

24. Stay on course with COVID 19 best practices.

25. We know what to do. It’s a difficult challenge and the facts are harsh. Let’s not lose our resolve…

26. In all fashions of belief… prayer is powerful

27. Hold on to optimism.

28. Unexpected situations seem to be the new normal! The power went out this evening. When it came back on… the TV schedule held some irony . My daughter’s remark is spot-on.
“That screen totally sums up life right now!”

29. A lesson about establishing safe territory from Northern Flickers. If you’ve ever heard them, they are loud and clear about how close another bird can be!

30. Now I’m not so unhappy about missing this shot. It’s a reminder that we are not always in control, however, we must not be discouraged. The answers will come.

31. A reminder that humor is good medicine! Somewhere on Hwy 8 this bear posed for a quick photo. Yes, social distancing was followed! 🐰🐻

32. In March, sunny weather days and bright pink moon nights help add some radiance… be sure to get a dose🌷

33. Let’s all show the the same conviction as bumble bees in getting important work done. Please remain true to COVID-19 guidelines.

34. Our actions will speak louder than words. Let’s be strong and heal this world… together.

35. Please… Follow what the EXPERTS are asking us to do!

36. No matter what color your mood is today, find a little ray of brightness… it will go a long way. Healing wishes to you.

37. I’m all for following those who are honest, compassionate, and lead in a safe direction.

38. I needed inspiration from Michelle Obama’s wisdom today… I appreciate her ability to put difficult challenges into perspective.

39. Feeling overwhelmed? Step outside. Focus on one tree for at least 15 minutes. Notice all you can. Deep breath… ahhh, that’s better.

40. We are rediscovering that being dog owners is comforting. A lost level of energy has returned to the house. It’s activity we didn’t realize how much we missed until Rascal joined the family. And yes… we totally nailed it… this little guy humorously lives up to the name- in good ways, of course!

41. Patience comes in handy when it feels like the kids are running circles around you. These times are trying for both little and big people. Be patient with yourself and the ones who love you.

42. A magical purpose of the dandelion is to send someone you love a message by blowing the seeds-thoughts and magical energies- to another. 

43. Believe

44. Stand dandelion strong in our resolve to help each other now… and always.

45. Fairy Magic! A ring of buttercups bloom to show where they wish to dance and play… come out dear child💕

46. Are you as exhausted as I am from divisive federal leadership? As we suffer through the words and actions of those whose goals are to divide and bully… let us overcome what they inflict by aligning with those who inspire overcoming problems through working together with knowledge and respect.

47. Perhaps the only ones who should be exempt from social distancing are BEES!

48. Happy Mother’s Day to moms who are nurturing young ones

49. Happy Mother’s Day to moms who hold a child close… one more time… knowing it’s time to fledge.

50. Happy Mother’s Day to moms who see an empty nest as a place that holds cherished memories, hopeful dreams, and a place that is always open if a safe place is needed

51. I think we are in the company of angels… it’s a matter of where we look.

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