Nature’s Slug Control

Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?
It’s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides. 

We’ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right?

Not always…

Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a carnivore. Can you believe that? I was very surprised to learn about the Robust Lancetooth Snail (Haplotrema vancouverense).

This snail feasts on other snails. The name Lancetooth is inspired by the calcium carbonate spike they use to stab another snail. Once the other creature is punctured, the Robust Lancetooth follows the slimy trail. After its victim dies, the Lancetooth devours it. The same technique is also applied to small slugs and earthworms.

Remember this snail… keep it safe from harm… no slug bait

Haplotrema vancouverense
Robust Lancetooth Snail
Origin: Pacific Northwest
Diet: Predators of slugs, snails and other soft bodied invertebrates.
Where in Oregon: Widespread

Lance-toothed snail

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