Inspired by Nature | Last Child in the Woods

Attention children from Newborn to Ninety-nine (and older)! A copy of this book should be on your library shelf and referred to as needed!

The children and the children-at-heart in the 21st Century face challenges that threaten to remove understanding of, connection with, and need for NATURE.

Out connections with social media, and abilities to be deeply plugged into electronic diversions could spell disaster for healthy physical and emotional development. The fact is: people, and especially children, need healthy doses of real-world experiences that immerse body, soul, and heart into encounters with nature.

Richard Louv coined the phrase,”nature deficit disorder” to describe the effects absence of nature has on children’s development and ability to function successfully in school and later in life. The book is a gold mine for ideas to combat this condition. Included in the text are practical actions that can be taken to “get outside.”

As a parent, grandmother, teacher, and naturalist… I believe this is especially a must-read for parents.

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