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Nature Journalingđź“”Getting Started

Nature Journalingđź“”Getting Started


  1. In your journal, create your drawing of the bird in the image above. Then jot down some notes in response to the following questions.
  2. Take another look at the photo of the Yellow Warbler, what advantages do drawings have over photos? What advantages do photos have over drawings?

I enjoyed this assignment… it was a good feeling to “jump in.” It helped to format my drawing area to approximate the dimensions of the image on my iPad screen. Then, blocking in the branches provided a foundation for me to have some success with my goal of placing the warbler in relative size with its surroundings. Drawing from a photo is great! Everything is locked in place. Drawing most definitely inspired me to look closely at details and their relationships with each other. I am an amateur photo-naturalist and believe this skill (photo to drawing) will greatly enhance my observation skills and understanding of Nature’s intricacies. It seemed logical to begin labeling and jotting down questions.

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