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Nature JournalingšŸ“”Looking for Themes

Nature JournalingšŸ“”Looking for Themes

Noticing Themes in Nature

Assignment: Comparison Study

  1. Head outside with your journal and choose two similar subject and complete a comparison study. 
  2. Try different ways of recording your observations by exploring drawings, words, numbers, and/or diagrams.

Two majestic heritage conifers grow in my yard. I have enjoyed watching and photographing wildlife fly/climb in and around these trees for the last 30 years. However, Iā€™ve not taken the opportunity to ā€œclimbā€ onto a branchā€¦ until today. I selected a lower limb from a Western Red Cedar and a Douglas-fir to compare for this journal entry. I positioned a stool at the base of each tree to sketch en plein-aire. A sample of each was brought inside for this photo

Theme: Form and Function

Exploring: Form and Function Bird Beaks of three birds that were observed in our wetland.

Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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