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Natural History Illustration

Natural History Illustration

Drawing Nature, Science and Culture

I love to learn, and am an avid taker of classes. At the moment, I’m enrolled in this one- a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It is offered through edX and taught by professors from the University of Newcastle in Australia.

I’m learning how to see and draw nature like an illustrator. In this six week course, I will have the opportunity to improve my observational skills, experiment with drawing and sketching techniques, and create compositions for a variety of natural history illustration assignments.

These are my first assignments!

I think macro photography is an excellent way to capture details, but to extend the experience by sketching natural subjects is powerful. I’m made more aware of the details by using more of my senses… sight, touch, smell, sound… not sure how much tasting I’ll do though!

Learning how to use shading, line contours, contrast to capture 3-D effect is going to take some practice. Especially on small items like the three I selected for this exercise.

This landscape sketch isn’t too bad for a first assignment.  I feel very rusty… my minor in my undergraduate program years ago was Art!!!

Click for link to class information

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