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UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers

Picture credit: Dr. Suess; The Lorax

This EVENT is inspired by prophetic words written in 1971 by Dr. Seuss in his book-The Lorax .

UNLESS . . .

someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 

nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


“UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers” provides a word or phrase approximately each week for participants to share a post that exemplifies the meaning of the featured ecological, environmental, or conservation concept.

If creating a post is a problem… Please feel welcome to participate via comments to share your thoughts and to join the conversation.

Commemorative ecological, environmental, and conservation dates inspire the topics/ themes for UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers’  posts:

  • January
  • February: PLASTIC
  • March: WATER (International Day of Action for Rivers, Water Day)
  • April: SOIL (World Health Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day)
  • May: BIODIVERSITY (World Migratory Bird Day, World Biodiversity Day)
  • June: OCEANS, POLLINATORS (World Oceans Day, Pollinator Week)
  • August: TRADE-OFFS, SPECIES PROTECTION (World Elephant Day)
  • September: ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP (Ozone Preservation Day, Water Monitoring Day)
  • October: FOOD, HABITAT, CLIMATE ACTION (World Habitat Day, Day for Climate Action)
  • November: SANITATION (Day for Preventing Exploitation of Environment, World Toilet Day)
  • December: ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, SOIL (World Soil Day)

How It Works-

Check in several times a month;  I will post a specific Earth-friendy theme related to monthly topics.

  1. Select photos and thoughts that fit the current topic or even a past one … You can showcase an activity or project that you are doing, or tell about something that is happening in your neighborhood or community.
  2. Create and Publish an “UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers” post:
    • To make it easy for others to check out your response, title your blog post “UNLESS (theme of the week)” and;
    • be sure to use the Earth-friendly Chroniclers tag.
  3. Copy the URL of the challenge and paste in your post editor. ( In the body of your post before you click “publish”)
  4. Copy the URL of your post and paste in the comments section of the challenge.
    • That will create a ping-back in the comments section of the challenge so others may click to view your post.
  5. Be sure to follow links to discover what others are doing and to share: likes, comments, feedback, encouragement, and/or ideas with other Earth-friendly bloggers.

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