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My Travels

My Travels

My travels have been on hold for several years. It has been one of those times in life when critical calls of need and the bonds of family pulled me inward… close to those I love. It’s a happy feeling to know we came through some seriously challenging experiences with renewed appreciation for each other and what truly matters in life.

Those are the important lessons and realizations I take with me as my husband and I set out, once again, on road-trips. We are new owners of a Class “C” motor home. It’s the one at the end of the rainbow in the above photo.

I believe we’ve done just that- come to the “end of the rainbow” with our camping accommodations!  Forty-seven years ago we started with a tent we received as a wedding present. Then, three kids later- a tent camper. Empty nest and two dogs- a trailer. Two dogs passed on and just the two of us- this nimble 25 foot B&B on wheels!

The Rainbow Connection

For the dreamers, the lovers, and me…

The rainbow that blessed our new View on her maiden run was actually the third of three rainbows that formed over our campsite… all within an hour. I’ll be the first to tell you that I believe in symbols. And so… this was an extremely rich phenomenon.

What could three rainbows mean to My Travels?

For the dreamer– a promise of good things to come

For the lover– a reminder to hold on to our heart’s desire and purpose

For me – a spiritual link to seek new horizons.  I hope this RV will eventually take my husband and me on a family heritage trip across the U.S. and Canada.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #27: My Travels

Quoted in post: lyrics from “Rainbow Connection” Songwriters: Kenny Ascher/ Paul Hamilton Williams, Walt Disney Music Company

Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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