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In the Pacific Northwest, we are beginning our damp, foggy, and mostly rainy season. It is a time of year that mushroom hunters look forward to all year. Although I’m not a mushroom hunter who collects them to eat, I am intrigued by the multitude of shapes and sizes that fungi exhibit. That is what attracts me to looking for them! Mushrooms are intriguing as subject for photographs.

While standing at my kitchen window, I looked out at some stumps that serve as pedestals for a few pieces of garden sculpture. Next to the turtle sculpture some odd new shapes and colors appeared.

That inspired me to look around to see if other mushrooms were blooming in the yard. What I found was surprising. This woodpile was a haven for mushroom of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Here is a look at some I thought were especially intriguing.

The mushroom inside this log was tiny- about 3/8″ tall.

These were also very delicate and tiny. The white insect on the left mushroom photo was miniscule. It reminds me of some kind of aphid.

Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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