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Low-light … detours

Low-light … detours

I missed the shot I wanted.*

It was moments after sunset, and the light was all wrong for the long zoom lens on my camera. But, me being me, I was not willing to go in empty cameraed… So I switched to manual and pushed a few settings and adjusted to my mental calculations about the light. I’ve been using mostly aperture and shutter speed settings lately… and didn’t have high expectations. After I took this shot and “chimped” I was excited to see the magical glow captured in this Hollyhock flower. (In the past, it would have just been a frame of black!) My journey into understanding the light and how to work with it is steadily falling into place. I love challenges… and this is one of the best I’ve ever undertaken; I believe my Nikon DSLR’s will continue to amaze me…

Serene glow

Another shot in my trail of low-light experiments. Not as magical as the Hollyhock, but another opportunity to figure out settings based on the failing light.

Cedar to Cedar

I won’t cry over these onions! This image also shot in the midst of failing light… with my 150-600mm 5.6 lens. I know these really are photo taking exercises. However, my excitement is based on the fact that I can figure out how to blend my camera settings to capture images so much better than I could at the beginning of my adventures in understanding light. 
There’s a lesson here- don’t give up on the things that are puzzling, embrace the challenges. Celebrate the smallest of achievements. AND… Consider set-backs as opportunities to think and reflect… helpful detours along the way forward.

Seeds for thought

*I took a detour-

That led me back to the shot I thought I missed. Although the preview was VERY dark… post processing as a black and white image revealed the treasure of the little sparrow at dusk. Better than my original concept…

Out on a limb

This caused me to wonder how the other low-light images would render in black and white-

Please, do tell... what caught your attention?

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