Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

By all appearances, that’s how American Robins seem to view life each summer when the wild cherries ripen.

All levels of the tree host daily visitors to its fruit-laden branches.

Robins’ feeding fervor remains in top gear from the first red cherry to the last.

As their youngsters watch…

parent robins show them how to pluck ripe fruit…

and demonstrate how to swallow the prized edibles… whole!

In bird world…

Life is just a tree full of cherries

So live it, love it, wriggle their stems

And think nothing of it, you can’t do without it

There’s no two ways about it

Robins live on those cherries and we laugh at it all.

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Songwriters: Brown Lew / Henderson Ray Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries lyrics © Chappell & Co. Inc., Chappell & Co., Inc., Redwood Music Ltd

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