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Take a Pause

Take a Pause

This was my first butterfly sighting of the year. I was fortunate to have taken a pause at just the right moment to observe this Green Comma Butterfly stretch and feel comfortable in its newly formed wings.

The small, white “comma” shape on the lower section of the underside of the wing explains the comma part of this butterfly’s name. Greenish cast to parts of the border are obscured by the bright illumination of the wing. However, they are the components of this insect’s name: Green Comma Butterfly.

This beautiful insect remained on top of a vacant bee hive box. The colors in the wings accentuated and made brilliant in the low, late afternoon sun.

For those who like to know the symbolism connected with wildlife. This is the explanation for the meaning of orange butterflies-

“Orange butterflies are symbols of encouragement, excitement, and passion. Seeing an orange butterfly is a call to stay positive, to reconnect with joy and follow your inner bliss and excitement to positively transform your life experience.”

That sounds good to me… keep you eye out for your first butterfly of the year!

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