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Marine Park- Kalama, Washington

If you travel along the Columbia River on Interstate 5 in Washington… be sure to stop here-

Experience a glimpse of Pacific Northwest Native American heritage

Totem poles carved with mythical forms, symbols, and creatures are located in Marine Park, just west of I-5 and the City of Kalama.

The unique collection of totems were carved by a local Native American craftsman, Chief Don Lelooska over half a century ago. Now they are maintained by members of his family along with the Kalama community.

The largest of the poles was carved out of a 700 year-old Western Red Cedar. It stands 140 feet high and is celebrated to be the tallest one-piece totem in the world… created from a single tree.

Weekly Photo Challenge: May 17, 2017 | “Heritage

This post adds to Ben Huberman’s selection of Totem Poles as a subject for this Photo Challenge theme.

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  1. Indeed, I can’t imagine even where to begin on a art piece of this size. Totems are impressive in craft and symbolism.

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